The Social Media Newsroom Template Debuts – Download a Copy Today!

Following up on our release of the Social Media News Release (SMR) template, it only made sense to conjure up some thoughts about how the corporate newsroom ought to evolve to keep pace with developments in Social Media.

SHIFT Communications’ take on the "Social Media Newsroom" can be downloaded here (PDF), or, directly from our website’s homepage.

When we first issued the SMR template (May 2006), in response to blogger Tom Foremski’s well-documented complaints about the crusty old PR document, we were unprepared for the response. We literally threw it out there to see what would happen… Obviously the response was pretty amazing and we are incredibly grateful both to the SMR’s advocates and thoughtful critics. This time around, in addition to a new template we also developed a presentation that attempts to answer some of the basic questions that might will crop up about the Social Media Newsroom. You can get that presentation (also in PDF form) here. A news release is also available.

Also, in case it needs to be said, we are debuting this template with absolutely no copyright restrictions of any kind.

As was the case with the SMR, we don’t expect everyone to groove to the Social Media Newsroom. We expect that our fellow bleeding-edgers in the PR blogosphere might groan about how we’re promoting Social Media tools at the expense of helping marketers to better understand the tectonic shifts in communications. We expect technical types might roll their eyes that we’ve simply made the online newsroom more "blogalicious" — a mash-up, of sorts. To all of which we say: You’re absolutely right.

But, at SHIFT we truly believe that part of our responsibility as self-styled evangelists is to not only proselytize about the grand conversation now beginning to occur between people and brands, but to also provide a road-map to the big party. As noted in an earlier post, sometimes exploring the tools leads to an epiphany about the concepts.

Last note before tying a ribbon on this post: as noted in our presentation, the Social Media Newsroom template owes a huge debt of gratitude to numerous PR and marketing/SEO bloggers, who have discussed these themes at great length on their own sites. We’ve listed several of these thought leaders in the presentation and urge anyone who’s intrigued by this concept to check out those blogs and add ‘em to your must-have RSS feeds.

I’ll close this just as I closed the original post about the SMR: For now, we’re not so much hoping to impress, as to help. "Victory" will be achieved if our peers in the PR & marketing spheres start to download the PDF and tack it to their walls for future reference. As this concept evolves, it will be tracked at SHIFT’s purpose-built site (tagged "SocialMediaNewsroom," which is also the Technorati tag we’ll use). Please pay a visit, or subscribe to the RSS feed for the "Social Media Newsroom" template. Your thoughtful feedback, in the Comments section below or directly, is welcomed!

NOTE: We took a first stab ("beta!") at developing a Social Media Newsroom at SHIFT’s website, based on the template, if you want to take a look. Extra-special thanks to the tireless and brilliant Mr. Shannon Whitley, founder of PRX Builder, for his help on this first-ever Social Media Newsroom.

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Posted on: February 5, 2007 at 7:37 am By Todd Defren
9 Responses to “The Social Media Newsroom Template Debuts – Download a Copy Today!”


  • Dianne says:

    I just want to say thank you for taking the time & effort for put this web page together!

  • Thinking back to my corporate past, many of the things that are in your template are the very things I always wanted to have in my news section but could never get because the web development team didn’t have time to do them, and there was also a burden in keeping things up.

    The new format press release is still very much a work in progress, and many firms, for many reasons, just aren’t ready. But with the new Web 2.0 technologies, there’s no reason to not add some (not necessarily all) of the new stuff to your newsroom. This template is a great starting point, especially for smaller companies who don’t have big web development teams.

  • Todd Defren says:

    Thanks, all! I really appreciate the warm words of support.

  • Dee Rambeau says:

    Congratulations on the continued good thinking by your team. It is important to have these tools and templates for early adopters to test and tweak. As the developer of PR Newswire’s MediaRoom service, I can tell you that while we have had the discussion with certain early adopters about adding social media tools to their media rooms as our technology certainly allows for the formatting much like you suggest in your template, we are finding that the bulk of our clients are still relying soley on the traditional features. Somewhere down the line I do believe these early adopters will pave the way for adoption by the masses, and efforts like yours are key to this as they give the masses an opportunity to test the waters.

    While we have not “turned on” the social features in our MediaRoom service for most of our clients, we do anticipate that the desire to use these will grow. Education is key here, and your terrific work is starting the much needed conversation, which in turn, will ultimately lead to the adoption of these new tools.

    Great work and continued success in your social quest.

    Dee Rambeau, Managing Partner, The Fuel Team

  • Brian Solis says:

    Todd, you are definitely one of the leaders out there pushing the need to evolve. This is another example of why you have rightfully earned that position. I covered this as part of today’s social media post at PR2.0

  • David Weiner says:


    Another great idea. I really like the look of this beta and think enabling people to ‘visualize’ what 2.0 newsrooms should look like is very helpful. Keep it up!!!

    David Weiner, PR Newswire

  • Todd – this is great. This is going to help a lot of media relations people make better newsrooms. Congratulations on another great initiative.

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