Did early bloggers make a difference?

Todd DefrenAs is his wont, Tom Foremski has once again inspired me to take (digital) pen to (virtual) paper; this time in response to his recent, somewhat wistful article: “Blogging failed to challenge mainstream media.” I have seen various responses to Tom’s post, the key theme being: “did we (early bloggers) make a difference?” It’s easy to suggest, for example, that the recent rise in a brand’s need to use paid media strategies to gain more visibility and engagement is yet another sign that the good guys lost; that the Cluetrain ran off the tracks.

Did it? Did blogging fail to make a difference?

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Posted on: December 30, 2013 at 6:35 am By cpenn
2 Responses to “Did early bloggers make a difference?”


  • Loredana H says:

    I don’t think blogging failed to make a difference. Many people I know from my country started working in the field of PR by having a blog or some of them became visible through their blogs. I live in Romania, where until recently blogging wasn’t a common tool for communicators but now, it’s gaining more and more power. Blogs allow you to express yourself, have your own opinions and also allows you to be up to date with information in the field. For me this is really important and that’s why I believe that blogging does make a difference. :)

  • Stijn says:

    If a blog died on the internet, would the world care? I think it’s honest to admit that blogs have affected some sectors, but not all of them. Fashion industry made some use of bloggers in the later years, but has since returned from that idea. Other industries have seen companies start their own blogs, thereby participating in the discussion in stead of just being subject to it.

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