The Bruising, Bloody, Bloggy Battle

As it nears its final stages, I guess I ought to talk about the Blog-competition_rev2_23365PRWeek Blog Competition.  It’s been an honor to be included amongst some of the giants in the PR Blogosphere.  

But many have noted throughout the contest, rightfully so, that its premise and methodology are flawed.

From a premise standpoint, it presumably measures “popularity” vs. “quality of content” – though we should hope that this popularity was merited by the blood, sweat and tears of each of the contestant bloggers.

The “methodology” is clearly kinda mangled.  Too many times we’ve seen an outsized number of votes for “Big Agency” blogs, even while the other contests running simultaneously have a third the number of total votes.  Who shows up at the contest site and only votes in 1 of 4 contests???  Drones who mash a button ‘cuz The Boss told them to, is the obvious and sad suggestion.

(I should note at this point that Edelman’s top 2 bloggers, Steve Rubel and Richard Edelman himself, were clearly not guilty of such shenanigans.  With one email to “all staff” from Edelman, or with a single “vote for me!” blog post from Rubel, they could have ended the contest.  Good on ya, fellas.)

With all that said – and even though it would be a Pyrrhic victory to beat my good friend Kami – “winning” beats “losing,” even in a flawed match-up.

If you think PR-Squared deserves to win, please go vote for it with my sincere thanks.  If you aren’t quite sure, I guess my case is best made by pointing you to the “Jedi Training” section (a.k.a. “best of” posts).  Lotsa “Social Media & PR Goodness” ™ there! 

And if you couldn’t care less – forget about the contest! But, do yourself the favor of adding all of the original combatants to your RSS feeds:

Pit bulls and Labradors
Digital Influence Mapping Project
Livingston Buzz
PR Squared
Neville Hobson
The Daily Lark
Communication Overtones
6 a.m.
Drew Kerr’s PR Rock and Roll
Micro Persuasion
What Do You Stand For?
A view on PR from Silicon Valley
Murphy’s LawIntakeA shel of my former self
Pop PR jots
Beyond the Hype
Influential Marketing Blog
The Flack
Phil’s Blogservations
PR Measurement Blog
Measuring Up
Sage Circle
PR Blog News
Glass House
Bitemarks Down the Avenue
Voce Nation
Bad Pitch Blog
Your PR Guy

Thanks for your vote.  I won’t let ya down.

UPDATE: PR-Squared lost to Kami Huyse’s Communications Overtones by TWO VOTES.  I knew I shoulda’ called my mom & dad!  Please vote for Kami in the Final Four; she is, imho, the best blogger of the bunch.  Go Kami!

Posted on: August 26, 2008 at 1:12 pm By Todd Defren
3 Responses to “The Bruising, Bloody, Bloggy Battle”


  • Kami Huyse says:

    My Mom was disappointed I didn’t call her, lol. Oh well, I was sure I was going to lose to you, but glad for both your support and friendship.

  • Matt says:

    A well-fought battle Todd, and thanks for the shout!

    Matt McLernon

  • Kami Huyse says:

    Being the one that you are trying to beat in this round, I will say that you are a fine competitor, fair and unbiased. Well, kind of unbiased. And also that if I wasn’t up against you, I would definitely vote for you and have, a number of times. In fact, if I win will you be my vice president? lol.

    Okay, that said, your readers know that you deliver great content and so do I. Go vote.

    Kami Huyse
    Communication Overtones

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