Fresh Coat o' Paint

IStock_000003693501XSmallToday PR-Squared got a make-over.  I think it looks funky fresh.  We also gave our corporate website a fresh coat of paint.

A few words for the miniscule number of readers who may be interested in the updates & changes.  (Hi Mom & Dad!)

New tagline: “It May Be The Future But You Still Gotta Eat.” 

Whazzat mean?  It means that for all our talk about “participation = marketing” and “conversations are king,” etc., we live in a competitive, capitalist system.  This grand conversation is fun but (by itself) won’t put food on the table for most of us.

In fact, you’re probably reading this blog because you are interested in running more effective PR/marketing/social media campaigns.  For the first time, companies can interact with and learn from their customers – and as a result, take action to improve their products, services, and brand… in order to sell more stuff.  That’s not cynical exploitation, that’s exciting!  “Social” need not mean “socialist,” even if that’s how some extremists would like to interpret it. 

Other details of little or no interest, and in no particular order?

The “Blogroll” tab is a reflection of my current OPML file.  It changes almost daily; this is a snapshot.  BTW, if you read this blog, I want to read your blog, so if you’re not on the list, drop me a note.

The “Jedi Training” section is where I plan to store posts that are pretty tactical in nature.  It’s called “Jedi Training” because I am a geek.  In fact I am so geeky that I dare say things like, “We are all in training in Social Media, young padawan.”

Now you can subscribe by email.

There’s a cool video swicki where you can take a look at the latest videos about social media & marketing.

We finally added a halfway decent “Share This” badge.  If you like a post, I’d count it as a personal favor if you’d Digg or Stumble or Facebook it.  “Validation” is the currency of the blogosphere.

We also added a voting widget which, if it works, will not only record your opinion about a post, but also point you to other posts of-interest. 

Lastly we added a Twitterbox.  You can see my latest tweets there.  But honestly, tweets without context are kinda lame: the value of Twitter comes from the conversations and discoveries that happen in-the-flow.  Hopefully seeing a few clever tweets here will convince you to join Twitter yourself, and “follow” me & my friends in the tweetiesphere.

You like?

Posted on: November 5, 2007 at 6:24 pm By Todd Defren
6 Responses to “Fresh Coat o' Paint”


  • Sarah Wurrey says:

    I like it! The bird reminds me of the Twitter bird, but more Thanksgivingey and made of metal.

    I agree that the Twitter box isn’t useful for following a person’s Tweets, but I keep mine on my blog so that anyone reading it knows I”m there, if they haven’t been following me already…

  • Parker says:

    The new look is great…I’m excited to see how the voting system will work out for you.

  • Dan Schawbel says:

    Todd, I wouldn’t mind being on your list :)

    Anyways, I think this is a big enhancement to your site. People will enjoy the new features, especially the blogroll, where they can discover more knowledge from the blogosphere.

    I’ve seen a lot of blogs highlight “conversations” for their taglines or overall site concept. It creates more of an open environment for the reader.

  • Like clean look, “what widgets,” said Igor. And the tag line is it. I’ve got five kids, I walk into McDonalds and even ordering from the dollar menu can take me down 2 ATM slips.

    On a serious note, the tag line should remind us geeks that before we pull the train around the corner, we better make sure the other cars are with us.

    I gave the site an Utterz mention as well.

  • Kevin Dugan says:

    Glad I clicked through the feed to take a gander. I think I stuck with my boilerplate Typepad theme long enough that it might actually be back in style? OK, maybe not. Congrats.

  • Ike says:

    Congrats on the new look. We all need a new skin every now and again.

    And everyone is *someone’s* padawan, my padawan.

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