"This is the Corp Comms Dept. How May We Serve You Better?"

IStock_000003898302XSmallSeveral PR bloggers have talked about the “Customer Service is the New Marketing” theme.  (I can’t add much but I recommend you click the many links you’ve just skimmed past, when you find some time.)

This idea came up again in a meeting of the Advisory Board of the Society for New Communications Research today.  We were discussing “what WILL happen, what MIGHT happen, in the next 12 months?” and this intersection of Corp Comms & Customer Service was widely agreed to be an emerging trend of interest.

It’s the essence of what we talk about in the Social Media geekosphere:  for the first time in HISTORY, every customer has a voice that can be heard worldwide, if they choose to chime in online.  That’s HUGE.

The old comms method was reactive.  “Dell Hell” was a picture-perfect example of how Corp Comms was disconnected from Customer Service and had to react to the fast-growing outcry against the company’s lame support systems.

The emerging comms method will be proactive.  In order to avoid “Dell Hell”-style situations, savvy companies will find ways to interact with their customers on an on-going basis; to monitor outlying conversations for signs of discontent; to respond almost instantly – and meaningfully – to challenges raised online.  And to be “meaningful” will require that the Customer Service group has a tight degree of interaction with Corp Comms.

Dell’s figured it out, at great cost.  Will other corporate citizens learn from their example? 

Posted on: December 5, 2007 at 6:46 pm By Todd Defren
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