Thoughts on "My OovooDay"

Snapshot1The folks at crayon have been engaged in a fun experiment this week with their client, Oovoo, an online video chat provider. 

It’s called “My OovooDay” – described on the splash page as “a week-long experiment in blogger to fan interaction. Notable bloggers from across the ‘sphere will host interactive conversations on hot topics, facilitated by the multi-person video chat technology from our friends at ooVoo.”

Some of the bloggers who are participating this week include CC Chapman, Geoff Linvingston, iJustine, Chris Brogan, Connie Reece & Susan Reynolds, David Meerman Scott, Mitch Joel, Irina Slutsky, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Jeff Joe Jaffe, and many others.  (Schedule of conversations can be found on the sign-up page.)

I should note that I have not been a participant in any of these chats (maybe I’m an anti-social Social Media guy?), but, I have read many of the bloggers’ follow-up posts about the experiment, and was briefed on the program in advance by my friend, crayon’s Scott Monty

The good: Oovoo allows up to 6 people at a time to communicate in a real-time, private video chat.  So much of our interactions with our favorite bloggers are confined to reading their posts and commenting back-and-forth – which is intellectually stimulating but dry.  To be able to chat, laugh, ask good questions and follow-up instantly – while also getting a good sense for the blogger’s true nature – is a very “social” opportunity.  If you like the idea of getting 30–minutes’ worth of up-close time with a star blogger, definitely sign up for one of the remaining time slots.

(Obviously Oovoo’s experiment suggests that we extrapolate this functionality, i.e., “Wouldn’t it be fun to use Oovoo for video chats with farflung colleagues, vs. a mundane conference call?”)

The could-be-even-better:  I was disappointed to learn that I couldn’t watch any of the fun as a curious bystander.  These chats were (by technical necessity) private: only the 6 participants online interacted … behind a screen, in a sense.  It would have been pretty fascinating to watch bloggers interact “live and in-person” with up to 5 of their biggest fans (or foes)! 

Imagine how much more social such an event would be, if – as the 6 participants bantered – external viewers could comment in a public IM window to applaud, goad, and goose the live conversation?

Maybe next OovooDay.

(Photo courtesy of Len Kendall.)

Posted on: February 13, 2008 at 1:57 am By Todd Defren
6 Responses to “Thoughts on "My OovooDay"”


  • Joseph Jaffe says:

    Thanks Todd!

    For some reason, I get called “Jeff” a lot. Perhaps it’s the combination of Joseph Jaffe + Jaffe Juice = Jeff Jaffe.

    …but yes, it’s Joseph or Joe :)

  • Scott Monty says:

    Okay, Todd. It looks like your wish has been granted. One of our MoDW hosts, Robin Good of Master New Media ( is livestreaming his sessions on Qik. He’s on from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Friday, February 15 (today).

    But you can also see a clip of his first session here:

  • Tranzilla says:

    Uh, this is called video conferencing, Mary. It’s been around a while. Get a mitt, catch a clue! OH SNAP!!!

  • Scott Monty says:

    Hey Todd,
    Thanks for the mention. I’m glad you’ve been following along, although not as voyeuristically as you might have hoped.

    There’s still time to be a veritable fly on the wall. Even though each call is restricted to 6 people, the hosts are doing multiple sessions. Which means you can hop on, mute your mic and listen away!

    We’re also planning on putting together a post-event video wall where you can actually sample some of the chat sessions, so stay tuned for that. Odds are we’ll also post some of these to the ooVoo Facebook Group:

    Oh, and I’m contractually obligated to tell you that ooVoo prefers the ‘V’ capitalized, not the first ‘O’. But I’m *not* contractually obligated to tell you that Jeff Jaffe’s real name is Joseph. ;-)

  • Mike Keliher says:

    Joe Jaffe, right? Not Jeff?

  • Todd,

    Oovoo and crayon did a good job with this. I enjoyed the chats very much. I agree on the lurking tool – that would be cool. I’m told that some recorded snippets of some chats will be made available. I agree it would be fun to see what happened on other chats.


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