If You Were Rich

IStock_000005439344XSmallMost of us are not rich.  I do pretty well, but I am not rich.  Most of us play the old, “If I won the lottery” mindgame, eh?  I do, too.

What would be so different about your life if you were rich?

It would certainly be nice to NOT worry about money, to NOT worry about paying for the kids’ education or for your own eldercare.  It would be nice to take luxury vacations.  It would be nice to live in your “dream home.”

But unless you become outrageously wealthy, think about all the things that WON’T change.

You won’t love your spouse any more than you do now.  They won’t love you any differently, either.

You’ll still play with your kids, and you’ll still fight with your kids, and you’ll still worry about ‘em, too.

You’ll still have to make your bed every morning (yes, even in your dream home).  You’ll still do the laundry.  You’ll still groan about going to the gym (even if it’s now your dream gym, in your dream home).

You’ll still cut yourself shaving.  You’ll still stub your toe.  You’ll still get grit in your eye. 

You’ll still wonder whether the contractor/plumber/electrician/landscaper is ripping you off (you might not care as much, but you’ll still wonder).

Your car will still need service.  And you’ll still need to fill ‘er up (and your hands will still smell afterwards).

Your dog will still need to poop.  He’ll still fling drool on the walls.

And so it goes.

Like most people, on 364 days of the year I wish I had MORE.  But it’s my birthday today, and each year on this day, rather than dream about MORE, I make sure to remember that I’ve already got MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Posted on: March 17, 2008 at 9:55 am By Todd Defren
14 Responses to “If You Were Rich”


  • Lara says:

    what a beautiful blog post. brightened my night.

  • Mom says:

    Dear Todd,
    I don’t expect you to post this, but it was just another way to say Happy Birthday. It certainly was a great day in my life!

    I enjoyed your birthday blog-you know what is important in life and you’re a lucky man to have the love and support of so many people.

    Mommy Dearest

  • Ali Parisi says:

    Of all the marketing/pr blogs I read, yours is my favorite because of posts like this. Happy birthday!

  • Jany says:

    Happy birthday, Todd!

    To add to your list of more than enough: SHIFT is growing daily with more talent and distinguished clients. Biggggg virtual hug from all your loyal staffers!!

    /end cheesiness segment

  • Allen Mireles says:

    Happy Birthday! I thought it was a wonderful post…made me smile. You are absolutely right, but I would happily increase my net worth.

    Thanks for giving us a gift on your birthday. Hope you are enjoying your day.

  • Mark Johnson says:

    Happy B-Day! But, if I were rich, I sure wouldn’t be filling up the tank on my Maybach and someone else will definitely do my laundry. Money changes perspective and god knows I want my perspective radically altered.

  • C.C. Chapman says:

    What a great post all around and you hit the nail on the head that while we can always dream and want more, it is more important to focus on and realize how much we already have.

    One spot that I completely disagree with you on is making beds. It’s something I’ve never figured out the point of and don’t expect to ever. :)

  • Ben Matthews says:

    Happy Birthday Todd!

    Thanks for the great post – sure you’ve read ‘Affluenza’ by Oliver James.

    If you haven’t, I’ll send you a copy for your birthday ;)

  • Ben Boudreau says:

    Great post to kick off the day. Happy birthday and thanks!

  • amy says:

    I think the best thing about being loaded would be that I could think more interesting thoughts. My brain would not be taken up with things like, “Should I circle the block one more time or just pay the $36 for parking in the lot?” Although maybe circling the block is where genius happens. Hmm…so far, not for me.

    Well, I do know this. I wouldn’t be doing laundry. They have people for that.

    Good post. Nice way to start a gloomy financial week!

  • nicole says:

    this is an incredible post. thank you.

  • Jim Storer says:

    Happy birthday (and St Patty’s Day)!!

    I’d probably work less, see my kids more and actually work out. Other than that, stay young!

  • Happy birthday to ya.

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