A "NSFW" Explanation of Social Media

From bonafide marketing genius Marta Kagan.

(Best tidbit: “Social Networking sites are more popular than porn sites.”  And they said it would never happen.)



Posted on: July 3, 2008 at 8:38 am By Todd Defren
4 Responses to “A "NSFW" Explanation of Social Media”


  • Hi Marta.

    I loved your PPT deck “What the f**k is social media.”

    But when I tried to download from Slideshare, I got a message saying the file was damaged.

    Is there another way I might be able to download the file?


    Derek Johnston
    Face Value Communications Inc.
    Ottawa, Canada

  • Marta Kagan says:

    Todd, thanks for spreading the Genius ;) ! I wasn’t quite prepared for the flurry of responses it would unleash… (more on that in an upcoming post), yet that’s exactly what makes the medium so remarkable.

    Happy Independence Day, all!

  • Randy Marks says:

    I love this. Demystifying seemingly complex things into their essential simpleness is the highest form of public service. Great job.

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