Oldies But Goodies: Favorite Posts from Blogging's Yesteryear

IStock_000006210250XSmallIf there is a “negative” about blogging, it’s the fact that we all fall prey to the relentless march of content. 

Some of our best posts from yesteryear – brilliant stuff! still relevant! – start to languish in a musty online archive.  Only a pinpoint Google search will ever pour sunlight on some of our best stuff.

For my part, even though I have an Archive, I do try to salvage my best stuff in the “Jedi Training” section.  Some past favorites of mine, that I think new readers might like, would include:

What I Wish My New Employee Knew (Jan 2008) – because we run a “talent agency” and this post sums up a lot about what we expect & hope regarding new employees. 

The Real Reason Why Agencies Fire Clients (Feb 2006) – because it had to be said, and is worth a reminder (both to clients and to PR agency owners & staff).

Edgework with Social Bookmarking (Sept 2007) – because it’s so darned “Out There” and risky and just-plain-hard to pull-off or scale.  But still kinda neat.

Participation is Marketing (May 2007) – because it was one of my least-remarked-upon posts, yet marked a personal turning point in how I think about the future of our industry.

But enough about me.  I asked some of my Twitter buddies what age-old posts of their own they’d want to resurrect.  The answers ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime.

(In the ridiculous AND sublime category) and “because it still makes me laugh” is @AmyTheCopywriter’s “$20 post.”

My colleague Amanda Gravel raised her hand for “A PR Girl Gets Inked,” in which she relays the tale behind her most interesting tattoo.  It’s actually pretty inspiring.

Adrian Chan asked me to share his springtime thoughts about the power of words, and PR.

Canuckflack Colin McKay is fond of his “Santa Posts.”

Harry Hoover of MyCreativeTeam apparently already had this idea.

Brad Grier pointed to his very interesting post on Content Management (very good stuff for PR types here, too, especially if you liked my own most recent post on Content Marketing).

Joe Boughner is clearly a man after my own heart.  He reminds us to mind the P’s and Q’s.  Always relevant.

Mike Valentine of RealitySEO asked me to remind folks, as he did back in 2006, of Advertising agencies’ cluelessness around SEO principles. He notes that Google’s sale of Performics make the post relevant all over again.

Paul Roetzer of PR 20/20 wrote about 8 PR Trends to Watch in 2008.  The year is more than halfway gone now: how’s he doing?

If you’re a blogger but missed my original shout-out for old-time favorites, feel free to leave the link in the Comments section below.  I’ll happily revisit this idea and promise to check out your links in the Comments, first and foremost.

Posted on: August 8, 2008 at 2:49 pm By Todd Defren
7 Responses to “Oldies But Goodies: Favorite Posts from Blogging's Yesteryear”


  • Paul Roetzer says:


    If you’re referring to “The 20/20 Standard” link on the “8 Public Relations Trends” post, the link is updated and active. Sorry about that.


  • Karen says:

    Great time to check back with New Year thoughts/predictions.

    I tried to link to #8…20/20…and the link is shot. Any way to see the post?

  • Paul Roetzer says:

    Thanks for the mention, Todd.

    Ironically, I just revisited the “8 Public Relations Trends” post last week to see what has changed so far this year, and try to figure out where this wired PR/digital PR evolution is going to take our industry.

    Keep the great content and insights coming.

  • Amy Flanagan says:

    Loved the post. Thanks for including me. Enjoyed reading people’s favorites. My favorite part was your 8:30 rule on What I Wish My Employees Knew. So smart. I believe things can be so much more efficient than people know. (Hence the short blog…)

  • Hi Todd- Thanks for including me here! That tattoo is very meaningful for me and I think my post about it really was inspiring. :)

    Your post “What I Wish My New Employee Knew” is one of my all-time faves as well, because it was such a form of encouragement after graduating when I started at SHIFT in January. Really good stuff. I’m looking forward to checking out some of these other gems, as well. Love this idea, and thank you for sharing.

  • Shucks, I was a little late!

    Here’s one of my favorite post from April 2007:

    The article is title “Marketing Changes: CMOs, Evangelist, Social Media Programs, Website Strategy Positioning”.

  • JP says:


    What a great idea! Yep, there’s alot of “gold” out in them thar blogosphere hills…thanks for mining it out again. Hence, the importance of high-quality search engine capabilities on one’s blog…which is part of my not-so-oldie post—Dear A-listers: Have you visited your blog lately?


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