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I’ve got some more interesting posts percolating but for now thought these might be worth sharing with ya’ll.  Two videos on Social Media Releases.  Interestingly, both of these (terrific) videos were produced outside the U.S.  Not sure what that means.

Here’s one from CNW Group in Canada (and here’s the announcement of their SMR in which the video was embedded):

And here’s an older one from webitpr in the U.K.:

Maybe PitchEngine or PRX Builder will do something similar at some point?  Which do you like better?

UPDATE:  Looks like PRX Builder does have its own video – sorry Shannon.

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Posted on: August 19, 2008 at 8:20 pm By Todd Defren
5 Responses to “Online Videos re: Social Media Releases”


  • @Bo I agree that the potential audience for social media news releases is not just bloggers. Our video (and SMNR service option) is over a year old now and as you say this was very much the opinion at the time but the concept has moved on since then – as have we and our service, just not our video :)

    I still think the video covers a lot of important ground though such as the background to how it came about. Not least the role of the gentleman on whose blog we are both commenting.

    Maybe when we have a few more pennies in our piggy bank we will be able to produce an updated version.

    On a different note if you fancy a chuckle visit to watch the outtakes video.

    Thanks for watching this one though.

  • Bo Gowan says:

    One comment on the webitpr video – I would disagree that the main audience for a social media release is bloggers. Maybe when that vid was made that was the consensus thinking – but IMO a social media release is pretty much targeted for anyone a traditional release would be targeted to.

    With so much content going online now, the additional multimedia content is just as useful for traditional media as bloggers, not to mention customers (who are increasingly able to get news directly from the source).

    At Nortel, we’ve recently started getting more active with social media releases, and to this point the interaction with the news has been much greater across the board.

  • Thanks for compiling all three videos here, Todd.

    @Adam glad you like ours, and I agree that Shannon’s sound track rocks.

    (You can also see CNW’s vide on YouTube here:

  • Thanks, Adam. Hopefully what I lack in production quality, I make up for in courage. That’s me singing on the soundtrack with my high school rock band.

  • Hi Todd

    Thanks for linking to the vid. Like the CNW one, we should have put some cowboys into ours, but think Shannon gets the nod though for his soundtrack! :)

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