"Quick! What's the Future Look Like?"

IStock_000006451839XSmallLong-time Boston Globe columnist Scott Kirsner is moderating a cool panel discussion on June 25th called “What’s Next in Tech: Exploring the Growth Opportunities of 2009 and Beyond.”

I am hoping to attend,but a raft of up-in-the-air commitments have kept me from clicking on the “Hell, yes, I’m there!” button.  Meanwhile, in Scott’s original blog post about the #whatsnext09 he rattled off some of the technologies he’s watching closely, and which I am excited about, as well. Here is a partial list:

Healthcare IT and electronic medical records … Digital video … Mobile apps … New forms of media/reporting/content creation … Online payment and micropayment … Better management of e-mail … New ways of interfacing with computers (touch, speech, thought, etc.) …

Meanwhile, this week we saw the emergence of the Bing search engine from Microsoft and the Google Wave collaboration/email platform from the Masters of Search.  The White House is hunting for a Cybersecurity Czar.  The Kindle ebook reader broke sales records.  The upcoming Windows 7 operating system is actually getting good buzz.  The iPhone OS 3.0 is going to make my favorite new device even more handy-dandy — and did you know that the fastest-growing cadre of iPhone converts earn $25,000 to $50,000 a year?

Even as the current economy judo-chops any & all attempts at optimism in the Business sector, the Tech Wizards continue to create cool stuff. 

This makes me happy.  Not because I like tech for tech’s sake (I do). Not because I think it’s critical for a taxi driver to own an iPhone (it’s not – though the GPS would help sometimes!) …  It makes me happy simply because it confirms that the spirit of innovation is intact.

If you are in Boston on June 25th, I sincerely encourage you to attend Mr. Kirsner’s event

Meanwhile, can you name ONE technology that you feel is “most promising” in the next 18 months?  I’d love to know your thoughts and will set up some Google Alerts for the best of the bunch, so we can monitor progress on your picks!

Posted on: May 29, 2009 at 1:42 pm By Todd Defren
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