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Social Media Spazzoids

Recognize a few of the maniacs in this picture?  At one table, within an outdated old steak house in Metrowest Boston, you’ve got (clockwise from top-right):

Photo taken by Dmitri Gunn.

That’s a whole lotta Social Media brainpower at one table, right?  Wanna know what we talked about?  I’ll give you one hint: we barely talked shop at all.  Sure, Social Media-related topics crept into the conversations: we’re all passionate marketers; it happens.  But we mostly cracked jokes, talked about our kids, vacations, cars, the economy, etc.

It was FUN.  Don’t forget about fun.  Fun is important.

Posted on: May 7, 2009 at 2:55 pm By Todd Defren
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  • Joe says:

    This is all about people and relationships and this photo reinforces the idea. BTW, next time you are in the area, British Beer Company across the street is good. A little bit further west is Sichuan Gourmet ( or there is always Oga’s ( @jslima05

  • robblewis says:

    Thanks Paul for sharing. I had lunch Sunday with about 20 of my neighbors and as we were sitting in the backyard talking about our kids, vacations and sharing news stories and such, they asked me to explain social media and twitter…I replied, “well it’s exactly what we’re doing here, right now. Except there’s no geographic limitations and I can engage with a lot more people with shared interests.” So yes, it’s good not to forget social media starts with “social”. :-) @robblewis

  • Great fun. Thanks gang!

  • That was a really great dinner with piano accompanienment. We could almost hear every one else at the table most of the time. It was a fun time.

  • Dmitri Gunn says:

    Good times last night. Scott was on form as usual and Steve surprised us with some classic jokes. Who knew his father was a comedian? ;-) Great catching up with all of you.


  • C.C. Chapman says:

    A great night indeed and yes the SOCIAL part is so often forgotten!

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