Corporate Social Media Policy: Top 10 Guidelines

IStock_000008637777XSmallHow can corporate employees’ participation in Social Media be dealt with and managed in a way that liberates them — without putting the company at risk?

While I most often write about Social Media for Marketing, this question of Social Media use within the Corporation is ultimately a much bigger issue.

I’ve seen (and helped develop) several Social Media Usage Policies.  Meanwhile, folks like Dave Fleet have done an outstanding job of covering Social Media Policies at a philosophical level.

But, you’re busy.  You want the work done for you, eh?  I get it.

One of our new clients (an iconic brand that I can’t wait to tell you about!) recently worked on a new Social Media Policy which we helped to refine and humanize.  It represents one of the best examples I’ve seen, and offers the added benefit of having been vetted by top corporate lawyers.

And, you can have it.  Here, for you — for free and without copyright restrictions — is an example of the Top 10 Guidelines of Corporate Social Media Policy (PDF).

Copy & paste as you see fit, for your own company or clients: there may be some stuff that doesn’t fly within your own organization, but, this document is worth running up the flagpole with your company’s legal eagles, with the C-suite execs, etc.

As always you are encouraged to use this content with or without attribution to me or SHIFT.  Make it your own.

Just let me know if you find it useful?

Posted on: July 28, 2009 at 11:23 am By Todd Defren
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