Embrace Your Inner Geek

A quick, fun post.  Today we launched our “first draft” Facebook Fan Page.  We hope you’ll join and provide some constructive feedback.  Thanks in advance!

While we were developing the Fan Page, we also shot a quick video in honor of our inner geekiness.  (I’m told that today is “Embrace Your Inner Geek Day” but I am too jetlagged to verify with Hallmark.)

What do you think was my own “inner geek” answer?  It’s in the video.  There were so many answers to choose from: “I’m a blogger, a tweeter, a videogame player, a PowerPoint jockey, a Star Wars buff, a comic book reader…”  Really, the list is vast.  Thank god I fooled my bride into marrying me before she figured it all out!

Posted on: July 13, 2009 at 4:28 pm By Todd Defren
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