Ignore the Trolls

_files_troll_2I recently tweeted, Suspend your disbelief for creators, innovators, entrepreneurs; they’ve suspended disbelief in themselves, to bring value to you.” It’s one for the ages, eh?

I ginned up this thought due to a confluence of varied events…

First off, we launched Clickablenow.com (with an exclusive feature on Mashable).  As much as you’d think I’d expect some negativity (especially before we dropped the price to FREE), the level of tossed-off snark in the Mashable comments was dispiriting.

Constructive criticism led us to make it free.  No biggie.  But the “unhelpful” (read: mean) criticism didn’t make me any less enthused about clickable Twitter backgrounds; it literally made me less excited about the human race.  Who takes the time to sign-in their credentials to post a comment that’s just one line of bile-for-bile’s-sake?  Yeesh.

Then I saw this comment by “GregL” at the Mashable post, which made me feel whole again:

“Wow the power of people talking (and complaining) and a company listening. It’s been interesting reading through the comments. I have to feel a little bad for the developer, some people have been quite harsh. I’m sure those same people are working hard to develop awesome upcoming software that’s gonna revolutionize the world. :)

“I think the idea is great. Sure the downloading a script part is a hurdle. Maybe in the future it will be wrapped into a much more common FF download so more people will have it…or even incorporated into FF 4.0. I’m gonna definitely keep an eye on ClickableNow and see what they come up with in the future. I applaud them for their efforts thus far!”

I don’t know who you are, GregL, but dude, you made my day.  Helpful and thoughtful.  (Luckily, we also got a warm reception on Twitter itself.  Thousands of people downloaded the free script and hundreds have already created a clickable background.  So that’s good.)

Silicon_valleyMeanwhile, as part of my work here in SF I’ve been meeting with a lot of clients who had before just been names on a list.  What a gosh-darned delight.  There is something very special about the light you see in people’s eyes in Silicon Valley.  It’s raw experimentation combined with unflagging enthusiasm. You can’t help but “suspend disbelief” for the zingy ideas you hear out here; you can’t help but believe that these entrepreneurs are gonna figure it out, despite the odds.  It is inspiring.

And that’s left me in a happy place as the week winds down: To heck with the snarks, haters and trolls.  Succeed or fail, the TRYING is fun.

Posted on: July 31, 2009 at 3:10 pm By Todd Defren
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