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ClickablenowToday SHIFT Communications and Shannon Whitley of Whitley Media are proud to announce the debut of “ClickableNow.”  Yup, you can make your Twitter profile at clickable, now.  How cool is that?

You’ve experienced it a million times.  You click on someone’s avatar to see their most recent tweets, and over in the left-hand nav you see a diverse listing of static, unclickable, uncopyable, kludgy-looking links.  Maybe you have a few of these links on your own profile?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could click on those links?  Wouldn’t it add value to your own personal branding efforts if you could make your Twitter profile links clickable?  Now you can, thanks to ClickableNow.

To VIEW clickable Twitter profiles, you need to install the free Clickablenow browser script.

To MAKE YOUR PROFILE CLICKABLE, simply visit, lay down $19.95, and follow the handful of instructions. Super easy.  UPDATE: and now it’s free!

You can make the links ANY COLOR and ANY SIZE that you want; you can make TEXT or IMAGES clickable, too. It’s very customizable cuz we know you put a lot of effort into creating those backgrounds.

You wouldn’t want a big prospect to miss out on that seamless click from your Twitter profile page to your online portfolio, wouldja?  Not when $19.95 is less than you’re paying for a tank o’ gas!  You can try for some free invites, though, by following the instructions at Mashable’s site. Especially now that it’s free!!

Yea, we get ideas. We execute. Some of our ideas change industries. Some bellyflop. Some are cool, and worth doing just for the education. Can’t wait to see which column ClickableNow falls under.

Your feedback would be awesome.  Thanks!  Happy clicking!

Posted on: July 28, 2009 at 3:15 pm By Todd Defren
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  • I basically made the decision to just say screw the issues of hanging around months and years for a decent following and applied a twitter followers service to acquire me 1k followers. They actually have all stuck around and I’ve gotten 40 retweets in the prior weeks time, 40 additional than I had ever gotten before. Delight. Very seriously though there are a great deal of these types of individuals available, but I considered them professional. Also you will discover some cost-free scripts and such in other places but I am not a programmer so won’t be able to rely on them.

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    In case you missed it like I did, thx @KatieBromley_SS, @tdefren – Clickable Now your twitter + [link to post]

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