Be Valuable Not Voluble

iStock_000001460519XSmall“Be Valuable, Not Voluble.” That’s a line I used during my Gravity Summit speech this morning and I saw many grateful nods in the audience.

You can’t talk about Social Media Marketing without talking about Content Marketing.  You need to be able to tweet about something, eh?

But you can’t talk about Content Marketing without soon knocking your head against the wall due to the mounting pressures of a production schedule.  In addition to tweets and blog posts and white papers and email newsletters, you’re also on the hook for videos, podcasts, etc.

But do not fret.  Here’s some important news: no one wants to hear from you THAT much. A brand that leaps into the deep waters of Social Media is to be lauded, but if they spend all their time splashing-about, it just gets annoying.

Focus on being valuable: what types of content get shared (downloaded, re-tweeted, shared on Facebook, etc.) most often amongst your prospects and customers?  Figure that out and spend more energy making that type of content, and then take the time to make it that content the best of the rest.

You may find yourself less active online but more impactful overall.

Posted on: August 31, 2009 at 11:19 am By Todd Defren
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