Bad PR Works

IStock_000007939538XSmallThis morning I received some spam.

It wasn’t the most horrid spam ever, not by a long shot.  The topic was Social Media: did I want a review copy of an upcoming book, by an author I actually do respect?  This was spam I might actually eat.

But I was just one of scores of people being bcc’d on this email.  It wasn’t written “for” me.  It didn’t reference the fact that the author and I actually know each other.

It was a blanket pitch.  Spray and pray.  A blast email.

The old way.

Normally I just delete this stuff and move on.  But in this case, anytime one of the other recipients replied, it was a “Reply All” situation.  THAT gets annoying.  So every BCC recipient (including some heavy hitters) winds up kvetching — which led to even more junk in the inbox.

But …

A handful of people on that “BCC” list replied, “Yes, I want to write about this, please send me a copy!”

The old way = a “numbers game.”  Send out 1,000 pitches and 5 people get interested? — that’s a win, given how cheap and easy it is to send out 1,000 emails.

It sucks, it’s on the wane, but because it still works, bad PR will never disappear completely.  Sorry to say.

Posted on: August 19, 2009 at 12:11 pm By Todd Defren
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