Club Med Taps SHIFT as Agency of Record

ClubMed_logoI’ve cryptically noted in past posts that we’ve been pretty lucky in the “newbiz” department.  Unfortunately I must still be pretty cryptic in most cases, but, at least I can now tell you about a recent victory!

Club Med recently selected SHIFT as its Agency of Record

That’s huge.

When we founded this agency, 6 years ago, I’d have enjoyed a good laugh if someone told me that we’d someday see an iconic, global brand like Club Med on the roster.  But we’re hitching up Club Med into a constellation of stars alongside other iconic brands like J&J, Virgin, H&R Block, et al.  I offer up my congratulations to the SHIFT squad for notching another great win, and my sincere thanks to Kate Moeller and her colleagues at Club Med, for their faith in our team. 

(Kate’s also been super helpful on other fronts, as well: remember the Corporate Social Media Policy Guidelines you all loved?  Thank Kate and her legal eagles for all the hard work and gracious sharing with the community!  I was stunned when she agreed to let me go-public with that document.  It bodes well for a great partnership.)   

As we get started with Club Med, I can only feel a profound sense of humility. We are deeply grateful but also wonderfully challenged.  We’ll make mistakes; we’ll hit rough spots; but we also know this — we cannot fail.  We know that Walter Winchell’s famous quotation is all too true: Nothing recedes like success.”   

We cannot fail to do excellent work for these big brands.  And we cannot fail to show our other current clients — those rising stars — that we have the talent and bandwidth to amply and rigorously serve their needs, as well.

It’s all about the striving!

Posted on: August 11, 2009 at 10:58 am By Todd Defren
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