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New blog bannerHi gang. Been too busy moving back to Boston and catching up on things to be very active on Ye Olde Social Networks, but meanwhile we had a chance to update the look & feel of PR-Squared.  If you’re visiting via RSS, do me a favor and click through to the site? 

We’ve got some more ideas that we’ll implement in the weeks ahead, but want to hear from you too.  What features do your favorite blogs include?  Is there anything we should avoid as we continue to try to make this a better blog?

In particular, check out the Social Media Highligher widget in the sidebar!  We got sick of hearing, “How many folks at SHIFT are really engaged in Social Media?” so we created a widget that would allow us to show off the big percentage of SHIFTers on Twitter, the dozen-or-so employee blogs (on all sorts of topics), our LinkedIn and YouTube channels, etc.  We’re literally trying to “highlight” our employees’ engagement across the socnets.  What do you think of the widget??

I have plenty of blog posts on the backburner, simmering away.  But meanwhile your patience with these summer doldrums is much appreciated.

Posted on: August 26, 2009 at 1:37 pm By Todd Defren
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