Social Media Leaders Making Changes

617830_514f7bd98cSeems like some of my bestest buddies and colleagues in the Social Media sector have been up to some Big Stuff lately.  I’ve congratulated them all privately and tweeted when appropriate, but given the influx of news, I think it’s worth a post.

Today Jeremiah Owyang announced that he was joining Charlene Li at The Altimeter Group, alongside other former Forrester colleagues Ray Wang and Deb Schultz.  Can you say, “Dream Team?”  This is not an “Analyst Firm 2.0” kind of deal – in fact Altimeter’s principals still intend to recommend Forrester to clients looking for deep analysis.  No, the Altimeter Group is a strategic consultancy, custom-fit for the Social Media era.  Charlene will focus on Leadership; Jeremiah on Customer Strategy; Ray on Enterprise Apps and Deb will hone in on Innovation.

As Jeremiah noted to me in our chat yesterday, “The fact that large companies look to internal ‘champions’ to consider how new technologies will impact their operations suggests that they really don’t have a process for on-boarding new media.” Yep, it’s a slog, and the turbocharged folks at Altimeter have the chops to help.  Congrats, all!

CF_AG_PressPhoto_smMeanwhile my pal C.C. Chapman and his business partner Steve Coulson announced that they were going to be making some tasty s’mores with the marketing geniuses at Campfire. An excerpt from the press release suggests why this is such a perfect fit: “since its inception in 2007, The Advance Guard has collaborated with Campfire on several groundbreaking campaigns including HBO’s ‘True Blood’ viral controversy; Discovery’s ‘Shark Week’ adventure marketing; and Snapple’s latest digital ‘Real Facts’ initiative. Such successful collaborations led to Campfire’s decision to acquire the shop.” Congrats, C.C. & Steve!

Laura-fitton-smAnother pal (and former office mate), Laura “Pistachio” Fitton has been head’s-down and running hard, working on the launch of her new venture, oneforty, the Twitter Outfitter.  At oneforty you’ll be able to find, rate, and share your favorite Twitter apps — it seems there are already too many to count!  We need a place to aggregate and discover ‘em all.  Congrats, Laura!

Last but not least, have you guys heard of a guy named Chris Brogan yet?  If not, trust me, he’s an up-n-comer!

ChrisbroganChris has a new book out with Julien Smith called Trust Agents that just made the NYTimes Best-Seller List.  I’ve been meaning to review it but now I don’t have to cuz apparently you already bought it.  Good for you!  And congrats to you, CB!  “NYTimes-bestselling author” is gonna look gooooood on the ol’ resume, amigo.

We live in a time of momentous change.  We are still on the ground floor of a revolution in communications that started with a “w-w-w” and ends in a “y-o-u.”  Git going! Be like Chris, Charlene, Jeremiah and Laura and C.C.  Make something of this opportunity!

Posted on: August 27, 2009 at 9:32 am By Todd Defren
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