"How To Report The News"

Posted on: January 29, 2010 at 11:32 am By Todd Defren
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  • lEE dOYLE says:


  • Rosanne gain says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Todd. It is “laugh out loud” funny! Leave it to the Brits to nail it! As a former broadcast person and now in the PR business, I hope that my “brethren and sistren” in the media, broadcast in particular, see the humor in this.

  • Kirk Hazlett, APR says:

    Love it! When I get to Television in my Mass Comm class at Curry College, this is going to lead the show!

  • Brittani says:

    This couldn’t be any more true. I laughed forever. I’m posting to all my news friends.

  • Bryan Person says:

    Absolutely hilarious – cracking up here in the home office. The formulaic, brainless presentation of the news–this guy’s just *nailed* it–is precisely why I can’t watch it. I start screaming at the television (seriously). Local news (the dog stories; the Vox pop clips with the neighbor of a suspected killer saying, “I can’t believe this; he’s such a nice man. I was just talking to him as we brought out our garbage this morning;” the VNRs with doctors/patients *obviously* from somewhere else…) especially kills me.

    Thanks for sharing this, Todd!

  • Derek Lyons says:

    Having served over 5 years in video production, this couldn’t be more spot on. (save light sabres, of course, but brilliant touch!)

  • dizzo says:

    We all need to have more fun with our marketing/advertising. It works better too! This is ba-rilliant (and funny)

  • seamu walsh says:

    Brilliant! What i learned in kindergarten. Newswipe wins at show not tell.

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