Tweaks to PR-Squared

IStock_000005617705XSmallThe PR-Squared blog has undergone some minor yet long-overdue content tweaks.

The “Social Media Jedi Training” section is now more about tactical ideas and case studies.

We’ve added a “Resources!” section which holds all of the many bits of helpful content published at PR-Squared over the years — the original Social Media Release template, the Blogger Relations Bookmark, the Corporate Social Media Policy Guidelines, etc. — which new readers should find very helpful.

And lastly, cuz I don’t want them to languish in the dusty-from-disuse Archives, we’ve added a page of my own all-time Favorite posts.

Nothing too major but wanted to note the changes, especially for more recent subscribers.

Posted on: February 10, 2010 at 10:54 pm By Todd Defren

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