How Cable News Works

The inimitable Onion News Network reveals just how hard it is to fill 24-hours worth of stuff (contains some NSFW language):

This topic strikes home for me.  It was literally the subject of my very first blog post at PR-Squared, about 6 years ago!  It was also covered recently — briefly but pointedly — by Matthew Yglesias of ThinkProgress and Kevin Jones of Mother Jones Magazine.  Here’s Drum:

Hardly anyone watches cable news. Even in prime time, Fox has a couple million viewers — that’s about 1% of American adults — and the other (cable news) operations have a million or so.  Cable news is a molehill that gets routinely turned into a mountain range because they happen to be talking about the most self-obsessed bunch of gossip hounds in the country:  politicians.

But the reality is that almost no one is watching.  Take away the echo chamber and Glenn Beck would be about as important as a guy on a soapbox in Central Park…

Put that video from The Onion together with the miniscule statistics re: cable news viewership, and it really does all feel pretty ridiculous, eh?

Posted on: March 12, 2010 at 8:55 am By Todd Defren
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