Sony Online Entertainment Taps SHIFT Communications as AOR

Soe_logo_whiteOn the heels of our Quiznos win a few months ago, I am thrilled to announce that SHIFT’s Consumer Lifestyle practice continues to thrive, with the addition of Sony Online Entertainment to the Agency’s client roster.

This is an extra special win for us, for many reasons.  Obviously, it’s a big-time brand win, which further emphasizes SHIFT’s ability to contend in the major leagues.  Also, we get to work with Scott Gulbransen (that’s @sdgully to you Twitter folks), who we narrowly missed-out on working with at Intuit — but who has become a valued friend in the subsequent months.  The fact that we made a strong enough impression during a losing pitch to emerge as the victor during Scott’s subsequent agency review feels like a validation of our approach.

We are also delighted that SOE decided to tap SHIFT as its first-ever Agency of Record for corporate communications.  The gaming industry is bigger than the Hollywood box office, and game makers like Sony will increasingly be seen as production houses on a par with famous movie studios.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s still early days for this style of reputation management to take hold in gaming, and we’re aiming to help make SOE a trusted, exciting brand in this arena.

Lastly, I am a huge geek.  Our family was the first-and-only house on the block to buy Pong when it came out, and I’ve been a joystick jockey ever since.  SOE is the gaming giant that brought seminal multiplayer titles like Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies to market.  And in upcoming months we’ll be helping out with game titles such as DC Universe Online.  I’m in heaven.  (Think that’s just blowing smoke?  My firstborn son is named “Luke.”  Yes, after a certain Jedi.)

Thanks for putting up with this shameless self promotion!  I admit it, we’re feeling a li’l giddy…

Posted on: May 21, 2010 at 9:35 am By Todd Defren
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  • Mol says:

    Nice article!DC Universe Online is perfect.

  • Christine Morrison says:

    Todd, congratulations. This is a well-deserved honor! As you know, Scott’s a great guy to work with – I know you’ll enjoy it. And Tara, I take exception to the notion that there could be ANYTHING more exciting to work on than tax software. *ahem*

    Christine Morrison, TurboTax Social Media Marketing

  • Todd,

    I really wanted to give you a big high-five after reading this! I especially liked the part where you said “The fact that we made a strong enough impression during a losing pitch to emerge as the victor during Scott’s subsequent agency review feels like a validation of our approach.”

    I love that you didn’t change your approach to match the expectations of the clients you were pitching. You stuck to your guns and it eventually paid off in what appears to be a much more rewarding contract. I can tell you are excited and passionate about gaming — that will certainly translate into successful marketing.

    (My husband and I almost went with “Luke” as well. We ended up with “Owen” instead. I get my Irish ties and he seems okay with the reference to “Uncle Owen.”) — Tara

  • Beverly Macy says:

    Gravity Summit is thrilled that two #gravsum alumns have hooked up. Is it presumptuous to claim some credit for you and Scott Gulbransen meeting via Gravity Summit at Harvard last year? LOL.

    But seriously, we’re delighted when Gravity Summit speakers, sponsors, and attendees meet and create meaningful business and we like to think we played some small part. Our motto of Educate, Inform, and Empower continues to ring true.

    We congratulate both SHIFT and Sony Online Entertainment in demonstrating a new paradigm in doing business in the new real-time environment and can’t wait to see what you create together!

    Beverly Macy
    CEO Gravity Summit

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