SHIFT’s New Sheriff

AmySHIFT’s senior management team was locked up in a small, stuffy conference room for two straight days last week, debating and brainstorming on numerous heady issues ranging from “What are our values?” to “How can we innovate beyond the rest of the PR industry?”

I intend to share some of our resulting conclusions and programs in the weeks and months ahead.  Suffice it to say, those two days were among the most important and impactful in SHIFT’s almost-8-year history.

With such lofty ambitions, we also recognized the need to develop and maintain a level of operational excellence that allows us to execute on our plans.  And we could think of no better person than Amy Lyons, former head of our Boston office, to help lead our li’l skunkworks to a new level of prestige.  And so, my business partner Jim Joyal and I delightedly announced to our staff last week that Amy had been promoted to President of SHIFT Communications.

Throughout her 10+ year history with us, Amy has consistently and damn-near flawlessly exemplified what it means to be a SHIFTer.  She is enterprising, smart, positive and honorable, among many other qualities (including organized and tough-as-nails).  I know my blog readers don’t know her — she’s a behind-the-scenes asskicker — but I still hope you’ll join me and Jim in congratulating Amy on her well-deserved promotion, and wish her luck as she embarks on the most challenging phase of her career!

Thank you & congratulations, Amy!

Posted on: April 4, 2011 at 9:46 am By Todd Defren
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