Making the Case for Social Media

This is a presentation I originally prepared for the Lithium User Conference (client) this past Spring.

You’d think “Making the Case for Social Media” would be a non-issue nowadays.  Yet based on the reaction from the audience, and the questions that followed, you’d be wrong.  There are still plenty of companies for whom “getting social” is a scary proposition.

You? You’re smart. You get it.  But think about the 50- or 60-something C-level exec for whom Social Media represents an up-ending of the traditional pillars of influence.  The fact that their fortune might be impacted in a substantive way by some guy fiddling with his iPhone is heretical.  They need their hands held.

Maybe some of the stuff in this deck can help.  Show it to them.  (NOTE: some of the video content is NSFW.)

Posted on: August 29, 2011 at 9:00 am By Todd Defren
2 Responses to “Making the Case for Social Media”


  • Kylee Turner says:

    I’m an advocate of sharing the knowledge you’ve represented here. I’m also a firm believer that there is a reason why advertisers and marketers are having a hard time reaching my generation. It’s because they are stuck in past methods that are no longer working. In fact, we just tune most of it out. I agree with you that social media can be used for effective pr and marketing techniques. We’ve all got to be educated so we don’t get stuck in the past.

  • Tyson Greaves says:

    Social media is no longer the future; it is very much the here and now. It is inexpensive, easy to learn and easy to use. Corporate level executives need to realize the positive effects that Web 2.0 platforms have on return on investment and return on expectations. They allow companies to deliver tailored, unfiltered messages directly to consumers, allow for instantaneous feedback and they cost nothing. Moreover, they have the potential to reach millions of consumers in seconds. Millennials embrace social media. Baby boomers increasingly embrace social media. It’s time for CEO’s and big business to follow suit.

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