Lovin’ It: McDonald’s Advertising Cooperative Taps SHIFT

Mcdonalds_logoI am delighted to announce that SHIFT Communications was recently named the Agency of Record for McDonald’s Advertising Cooperative, representing franchises from across New England.

Around here we just call it McDonald’s, in-between the high-fives and exultations of “I’m lovin’ it!”

While the work doesn’t officially begin until January, we’ve already plunged elbow deep into the culture of the company. 

If you’re the type who still holds an image of McD’s from the era of “Supersize Me,” I want to disabuse you of such notions.  I won’t go so far as to suggest anyone eat a Big Mac every day, but from my interactions with the franchise owners thus far, I can tell you this:  I have rarely met a group of more honest, candid, professional and high integrity people.  They don’t want you to eat a Big Mac every day, either.  They genuinely care about what they serve, and have been working quite diligently to improve the nutritional value and overall quality of the menu. 

115864544We’re hoping that our work in the mainstream media and across Social Media channels will help convince yaz; meanwhile, take my word for it:  I eat at McD’s often in my travels, and still boast 6–pack abs.  (Well, okay, maybe it’s a 4–pack –  but I blame distilled spirits, not burgers.)

In any event, a Big Win for your pals at SHIFT.  As I told the McDonald’s judging committee during our final pitch, pointing to an agency roster filling-up with Fortune 1000 brands:

“Each one of these wins represents an occasion when SHIFT came in as the underdog.  In every single case we were competing for these big brands against global agencies — hoping that the chip on our shoulder would be enough to convince the decision makers that SHIFT was the right choice.”

And with that, I raise my McCafé Peppermint Hot Chocolate and wish you all a Happy Holiday!!

Posted on: December 20, 2011 at 9:23 am By Todd Defren
8 Responses to “Lovin’ It: McDonald’s Advertising Cooperative Taps SHIFT”


  • Alex R. says:

    Big CONGRATS to everyone at the SHIFT team!! All your hard work seems to be paying off!

  • Well done! I can’t imagine the hard work that must have gone into securing such a high profile client. McDonalds are often used as an example on my PR course in the UK. An amazing announcement to start 2012.

  • Kali says:

    Thats awesome! Congratulations! It is amazing how bad a company can seem just by those who abuse it. It does not surprise me that the McDonalds empire is actually a really good group of people, it’s those that eat a Big Mac every day of their life and sue because they have a heart attack. In moderation everything is good. I’m sure you deserve the win and good luck to the SHIFT team!

  • Congratulations to all my friends at SHIFT for this exciting win. All the more reason for me to transition from BK to Mickey-D!

  • Sounds like the perfect fit. Great job everyone!

  • Mike Spinney says:

    Congrats, Todd & the SHIFT team. I’m still amazed at what you’ve managed to accomplish without me.

  • Charlene says:

    Congratulations! I tip my Christmas Miele Latte to you and the company. Am no longer a McD fan, though it’s only because I don’t eat fast food anymore (have gotten into cooking as a hobby and am getting quite good, thank you very much!) But what an exciting opportunity for SHIFT! I’m looking forward to seeing your efforts and wish you much success.

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