My Social Media Club Story

Last week Social Media Club launched its first ever fundraiser, which will help expand SMC’s efforts to meet our global missions of sharing best practices and promoting digital media literacy across more than 325+ chapters in 52 countries. As part of the effort, the leadership asked supporters to write their own “Social Media Club Story” (tagged #mysmcstory).

Here’s mine…

Social_media_club_logo_tagIt was the very-first-ever meeting. Brian Solis was there.  Kristy Wells and Chris Heuer were there.  Sally Falkow and Tom Abate were there.  A handful more.  Van Hoosear.  Foremski.  I barely knew any of them at the time.  It was the first time I’d met Brian in person, for example.

I kinda had to be there (or so I explained to my wife, who was starting to wonder why I was never home!): the first agenda item was the Social Media Press Release, which was a big focus for folks like me, Tom Foremski, Heuer and Solis, et al. at the time.

The meeting was in a borrowed conference room, after-hours, in a non-descript Silicon Valley office.  Handmade signs led the way through empty corridors.  “What am I getting myself into? This is weird.”

But seated around the horseshoe-shaped conference tables sat a bunch of smart, committed, enthused, curious people who dispelled all doubts.  They got it.  They shared it.  OF COURSE I was supposed to be here.  For the first time in my 5–year stint in San Francisco, I felt like I was among kindred spirits.

After the meeting, a bunch of folks planned to grab dinner together.  I truly wanted to join.  But just then I got a frantic call from my wife: a litter of abandoned raccoon pups had wandered into our house!  She had rallied support from the neighbors and had captured the robber-faced rascals, but, ummmm – could I get my butt back to Danville to help dispose of the critters?  I hastily said my good-byes to Chris, Kristie, Brian, et al. and sped home.

RaccoonTo make a long story short, that very night of the first SMC meeting, at close to midnight, I found myself high in the Berkeley hills at a private residence-cum-wildlife preserve.  In the living room, as if it were a perfectly normal thing to do, a baby deer pranced up to us, and the lady of the house asked my wife to feed it from a baby bottle, while her hubby — oblivious to the commotion — watched a football game on a 60” tv that took up the entire wall of the tiny living room.

In other words, August 16, 2006, was among the most amazing nights of my life.  And that’s my (convoluted) #smcstory.

Please consider throwing a few bucks towards this worthy organization’s long-term growth.

Posted on: March 7, 2012 at 12:59 pm By Todd Defren
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