Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


Posted on: April 29, 2012 at 8:22 am By Todd Defren
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  • Lydia Natallia says:

    the comic is so true! but whatever it is, from my opinion when you have different colour from others with your own idea, if you try and fail, you have to try and try again. we won’t be reading and watching harry potter if J.K Rowling gave up after 12 publishers rejected the manuscript. and we won’t be able to see disney world & mickey mouse if walt disney gave up after being turned down 202 terms before he got financing for creating disney world. i guess we all have to try harder even though our surroundings might say that we are crazy, but never give up!

  • This made me so sad. Like…utterly melancholy. Maybe it’s because I feel it slowly happening to me. I feel as if I’m right there in the panel before last.

    Man, I gotta get my stuff together and go even harder.

    Instead of losing our color and fading into the background, we should be trying to add some color to the world around us :)

  • Extremely realistic – and completely and utterly true. It’s sad.
    Thanks for the sad comic on my rainy monday.

  • pops says:

    I really like this comic! Its very true, Either be like everyone else or be hated. Its kinda sad how society is this way.

  • LAura Ledesma says:

    This is so true. Being an individual and defending your ideas has become increasingly more difficult lately with each passing day. Why do society, your peers or your colleagues have to throw you to the sharks before they pass you a life vest and accept a potentially brilliant idea. I mean who would have thought the tumblr-twitter baby called Instagram would grow to be worth a billion dollars? At first, probably few.

  • Ella Bee says:

    This has inspired me to be more open-minded and I hope I can help nurture new ideas.

  • Claire Celsi says:

    Why do organizations eat their own and only accept the words of a stranger as the truth?

  • Jay says:

    It is easy to identify with the blue man. What is harder and more important, is to identify when you have acted as the angry crowd. Don’t you think?

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