Dear LinkedIn: You’re Doing It Wrong

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar.

You receive an email, which you view on your iPhone, inviting you to accept a colleague’s LinkedIn invitation. Within the email, it says, “ACCEPT” or, “View invitation from NAME.” You press one of these hyperlinked options.

Then you see a screen asking if you want to download the LinkedIn iPhone app.


No, thank you, I already have it. I JUST WANT THE LINK TO WORK. Take me to this new colleague’s profile, either via the mobile browser or via a launch of the LinkedIn app itself; I really don’t care; please stop asking me to download an app I already have on my phone.

So.  After you reject a request to download an app you already own, you get this:


And that’s where our journey ends.  I have yet to get past this “death screen.”  Invariably I quit my browser in frustration and launch the LinkedIn app, grumbling all the while about my first-world-problems.  And I am not alone. On the few occasions I’ve ranted about this issue on Twitter, I am typically deluged by sympathetic re-tweets and responses.  We expect better of a premier brand like LinkedIn.  Anybody awake over there?

(I hate to show up ranting after 2+ weeks off the blog, but this post has been percolating on a back-burner for a while now. More good stuff, and better moods, to follow soon!)


Posted on: July 13, 2012 at 10:37 am By Todd Defren
18 Responses to “Dear LinkedIn: You’re Doing It Wrong”


  • Jan says:

    Exactly, one year later, LinkedIn app still unable to open links from LinkedIn emails…
    And, no reply in this blog from an LinkedIn employee.
    Not very logical for a web 2.0 company…

  • Przemek says:

    They still haven’t solved it and it’s been almost a year. It defies the fundamentals of what they’re trying to achieve. Could somebody link them in ;-) to this page?

  • Joshua Arulanandham says:

    Yes, I’ve been having the same problem too :(

  • George says:

    It’s been close to a year since you reported this problem, and it still hasn’t been fixed – very annoying and inefficient.

  • Todd Burger says:

    Okay, so it’s been driving me nuts too. Glad it’s not just me but you would think LinkedIn would want to fix their own app which now discourages customers from paying any attention to their emails. Sounds like a company with a strategy focused on becoming irrelevant and bankrupt.

  • John D says:

    Ditto! I found this posting while searching for a fix.. To Linked in: PLEASE FIX!

  • Stewart says:

    Me to. I have emailed LinkedIn many times to no avail. They do nothing to fix this known iPhone issue for the last 6 plus months. LinkedIn is very unprofessional and obviously incompitent so I uninstalled the app and no longer use LinkedIn.

    Very unsatisfied LinkedIn former user!

  • james says:

    I would have to guess it’s a matter of the CREATOR of the app not “test-driving” his or her creation from the USER’s point-of-view.

  • Bill Ender says:

    Amen. Ditto (to everything in this thread). Very frustrating and particularly stupid that LinkedIn hasn’t corrected this problem after almost a year.

  • JEFF WEBSTER says:

    I’m in the “thought it was just my phone” camp, but knowing this is a universal issue is really surprising. Seems like it would be an easy fix for LinkedIn to resolve too.

  • Julie says:

    Yes, very annoying. A similar thing applies when people tweet Facebook links: I’m taken to a page where I need to login to Facebook before I can see what’s behind the link – despite having the app running on all my mobile toys. So I don’t bother.

  • I think we’re all one with you on this. And by the way, you’re not ranting. You’re just stating the truth, and times, it can really hurt. I think they should do something about this.

  • Catherine says:

    Thanks! I thought I was doing something wrong, and yes we should expect more from LinkedIn
    How under utilized this site must be.

  • Thank GOD! I totally thought it was ME alone with this annoying problem.

    I would have to guess it’s a matter of the CREATOR of the app not “test-driving” his or her creation from the USER’s point-of-view. I have always been a proponent of “put yourself in the shoes of the recipient of your services to make sure what you’re offering is actually a SERVICE.” Amazing how many times products or programs have been tweaked as a result!

    Great post as always, Todd, and thanks for bringing me in off the virtual ledge!

  • Leslie lewis says:

    I’ve noticed this too over the past year when viewing websites on my phone or iPad that also have apps. As a focus group of one, my reaction is always to click, “no” or just exit the site all together as I typically don’t want the information badly enough to deal with the pop-up every time I open the site. Great post!

  • I have this same issue! Always thought it was just my phone being crabby. I’ve stopped even attempting to access LinkedIn via mobile, which is unfortunate because I manage a fairly active group and want to stay involved when I’m on the go. Hopefully if enough of us bring this to their attention, they’ll do something about it…

  • @GemmaMelling says:

    Yep. Me too. Very annoying. Get it sorted, LinkedIn!

  • Chris Norton says:

    Wow Todd – I thought this was just me that had this problem. It has annoyed me for well over a year. I feel liberated that a fellow PR/Social person has found this irritating. How do they not know about such a major flaw? It’s very odd and pretty crap that they haven’t fixed it. This is getting a RT.

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