Finding New Strike Zones for Media Pitches

It’s okay to experiment with your media outreach. We think so, anyway.

Last year I told you about the super-cool way that our clients at AOL pitched TechCrunch (also a client, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!) on the launch of their iPhone app.  You should click that link; it’s fun.

Last week we tried to have some of our own fun with video.  Ron Miller, a journalist at CITEworld — IDG Enterprise’s resource for pros involved with the consumer technologies reshaping business IT — posted a story about Ricoh’s CIO embraced the idea of letting 9,000 employees “Bring Your Own Device”.  This BYOD trend is a BFD in IT security circles: who knows what those consumer devices have been up to during their off-duty hours?  A SHIFT client, Apperian, has something to say about this stuff … but rather than draft the same ol’ email pitch, instead we filmed and tweeted out a video response by one of our client contacts:

The result? Pretty good:

Apperian video tweet




















This won’t change the world. It won’t become “the way we pitch in the 21st  century.”  My admonition, however, is to mix things up. When it comes to client programs and media outreach, in particular, don’t make do with the same old way of doing things.  How boring.  Rather, do a little bit of a lot of stuff, claiming successes and/or taking some lumps (and learning) along the way. This will have the dual benefits of challenging the PR staff and intriguing those media contacts whose in-boxes are already overstuffed with the same ol’ crud.

Posted on: November 12, 2012 at 10:49 am By Todd Defren
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