Today’s TwitterChat: The Value of Earned Advertising

Today I have the honor of hosting a Pivot Twitterchat on the value of “earned advertising,” a topic that is dear to my heart. It’s a wee bit of a “pivotal” moment for me, as past hosts have included industry heavyweights like Michael Lazerow of BuddyMedia (now a client at and Frank Eliason, formerly a lead change agent at Comcast and now the head of Social Media at banking behemoth Citibank.

Traditional paid advertising is easy to scale, but as we’ve seen from the recent Nielsen Report, it’s not well trusted. Earned media and word of mouth is well-trusted, but tough to scale. Today we will discuss how products like Facebook Stories and inPowered (#client), etc. are solving for the scalability of trust in the context of the new convergence in paid, owned and earned media. Some questions that will pop up:

  1. What is earned advertising? Why is it important?
  2. If the future of media is to merge paid, owned and earned media — which brands are executing well?
  3. We’ve heard marketers say that FB stories and the #inpowered solution are helping earned media and WOM scale to paid channels. How are they doing it?
  4. Why would you even want to do this if you’re already earning positive coverage?
  5. What is the role of topic-based experts in a world where WOM / earned media rules?
  6. In this context, where should marketers increase their time and digital spend?
  7. What can you suggest in measuring a converged media effort across the different silos?

Hope you’ll join us at 1pm EST today! Follow #pivotconchat on Twitter.

Posted on: November 20, 2012 at 10:10 am By Todd Defren
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