Marketing automation + earned media = winning

There are nearly limitless ways to measure the impact of earned media, but here’s one you probably weren’t thinking of: marketing automation. One of the tricky parts of standard web analytics is that you don’t get access to personally identifying information. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring what’s happening in aggregate with your marketing programs, but because it doesn’t capture any contact information, you can’t see what impact your earned media has had on any given individual.

Marketing automation systems like Eloqua (a SHIFT client), Marketo, Pardot, and many others have the ability to track where people are coming from, and more importantly, see their activity history over long periods of time. This is absolutely vital for measuring earned media impact deep in the funnel, where you care about whether a potential customer is being influenced by your earned media. A piece of earned media might be just the thing that tips a prospect into returning your sales call.

Read the full article over at SHIFT’s blog.

Posted on: December 18, 2012 at 7:46 am By cpenn
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  • Indeed, not only measuring this for paid and/or owned media is important -earned media should be measured as channel as well (and when possible offline as well).

    We always like to integrate (and thus automate) measurement of these channels as much as possible -provided this means added value of course-.

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