Top 50 Most Overused Press Release Words This Year

There are some words that initially sound good when you write them. We all know them, and we all use them. They’re words that make you sound bigger, faster, smarter, or more appealing to your customers, prospects, and audience. Unfortunately, everyone else has exactly the same idea in mind and as a result, we end up with tired words, words that are overused, and no place is this more common than in the press release.

In partnership with Marketwire, SHIFT Communications sampled 5,000 press releases from 2012 to find out what we went overboard on.

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Posted on: December 19, 2012 at 8:00 am By cpenn
3 Responses to “Top 50 Most Overused Press Release Words This Year”


  • Vicki James says:

    You have a typo — environmental. Typos never look good. Have a nice day!

  • STUART BRUCE says:

    Not entirely convinced that all of these are “overused” as some could simply be factual. Shocking to see “Leading” in there, surely PR people realised years ago not to use that meaningless word. However global, international and partnership are examples of words that can be abused, but can also be used a legitimate and factual way.

    • cpenn says:


      Quite right as our friend and colleague Tom Webster pointed out – they’re the most used. It’s opinion on our part that they’re overused.

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