What’s Up with PR-Squared?

Regular readers (god bless ‘em) might have noticed some wonkiness with the blog lately.  I haven’t been writing all the posts, for one, and more importantly, any of the good content increasingly requires you to head over to the new, official, sweet-as-honey SHIFT Blog on our agency website.

A few things going on.

Number One: Chris Penn. He’s smart and indefatigably prolific. (Example: “Three Reasons B2B Companies Ought to be on Google+”) … And he sometimes deigns to cross-post here at PR-Squared. The more of that cross-posting he does, the better off we’ll all be, trust me. 

Number Two: as Chris is nominally in charge of our website, SEO and blogging efforts, he wants to guide you all to our website.  That’s not an awful thing, as the OTHER blog posts there (originals by Chris, as well as by numerous other SHIFT staffers) tend to be pretty flaming awesome, whether you’re a marketer, a PR student, or any variety of ninja.

Number Three: this CEO gig has me headed in more varied directions, more often, and the idea of blogging 1–3 times per week, like the good ol’ days, is enough to make your humble blogger’s head spin.

Last but not least, the majority of “thought leadership” points I want to expend in 2013 are pointed towards the convergence dynamic discussed late last year. I’m not one to beat a dead horse (or try not to be that sort).  I know you don’t want 27 posts on the same theme.  But the “convergence concepts” are what I spend the most time on, either convincing clients to give it a whirl or talking about current executions of Converged Media strategies with our agency account teams – activities which tend to be internally-focused.

So: don’t unsubscribe or anything, just know that the better long-term bet is to start checking in on the SHIFT Blog much more often: that’s where the Good Stuff will be posted, more often than not.  When I personally have something cool or important to say, it will still be posted here!  (Oh, and P.S. I expect to have something VERY COOL and VERY IMPORTANT to talk about soon!)

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Posted on: January 7, 2013 at 12:51 pm By Todd Defren
5 Responses to “What’s Up with PR-Squared?”


  • ajay kumar says:

    nice it’s very useful

  • STUART BRUCE says:

    Thanks for explaining Todd, but I’m not convinced. PR-Squared was one of my favourite PR blogs and was one of a small number that I recommend when I’m doing PR training (usually to quite senior in-house PRs). However, I just don’t think Chris Penn’s posts work here. There is an abundance of good marketing blogs and that’s where I’d expect to find those posts. I’d far prefer less frequent, better quality posts like we used to have. As it stands I can’t leave it on my recommended list as I want my delegates to read your thoughts, not those of yet another digital marketing guy.

    • Todd Defren says:

      It’s a work in progress, Stuart. Sometimes I’ll weigh in frequently, sometimes I’ll disappear for a while. Keep me on the list for 6 months more, see how things develop?

  • Shawn Rossi says:

    I subscribed to the Shift blog too. Thanks for the tip. (But y’all may want to move the subscribe button up closer to the top with the social media icons. It was a bit hard to find!)

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