7 secrets to a successful, enduring business

(2) Catherine AllenWhat makes an agency successful begins not with fancy corporate jargon or a client roster of well known brands, but with the people at it. Choosing who those people are and who they collectively can be is a daunting challenge overall, but impossible without knowing what you stand for. That’s why core values are so important. At SHIFT, our core values are part of employee reviews. They’re part of monthly team meetings, when team leaders recognize accomplishments by their team members aligned with each of the values. They’re part of our hiring process, and candidates are evaluated based on how aligned they are with the values of the firm – and we’ve turned down many, many people who look good on paper but they weren’t going to be a good fit based on values.

Core values help you to implement the essence of strategy: knowing what to say no to. Without them, you’re a car without a GPS, and you’re just as likely to drive into a bad neighborhood as you are to get where you want to go.

If you want to learn more about what the values mean, read this series by SHIFT Senior Vice President Catherine Allen on each of the values and how we interpret them.

If you want “the secret sauce” to longevity as a business, it’s adhering to values like these, especially when the temptation to do something easier or more profitable arises.

Posted on: May 20, 2013 at 8:29 am By cpenn
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  • Great post. These are must have qualities in other businesses too, even in a law office. These qualities will also lead to a better personal life too. Two other qualities to think about are humility and spirituality. These also are of great value in business and life.

  • è–¬ says:

    I’m studying at Louisiana State University and I wish to show my affection for your kindheartedness toward those who need help with this one subject. You have put in an tremendous amount of commitment into these solutions, and it has enabled individuals in our field to glean great benefits. Do know that this work means a lot to all of us.

  • Brian Sol says:

    These are great core values for any business. I also think that just having values for your business is just as important as the values themselves. It’s important for you to have something to work with rather than nothing.

  • Jane Jasen says:

    “Bigger the dream more important is the team” Skill full, organized and disciplined team is the key to successes in business.

  • Planning and dedication is a very important component get success in business. When you are running a business hard work and ethics are its strongest pillar .And to grow big you need to have foresightedness and understanding of market .
    Cheers. :)

  • gene nero says:

    Having a dedicated plan and having a set of rules that you operate by is a must. I personally believe that each business have to act in sagacity and have strong ethics as well as wisdom in operating with small and large local and international businesses.

  • Diversity is a value, too. Depending on the industry you’re working in „company core values“ may serve as the common foundation, but sometimes they turn into an obstacle, when your people are too much bound by trying to comply with these values while loosing their originality and not thinking their own ideas to the end. So, use core values with care and sense of proportion, as no value is a value for its own sake.

  • Heather says:

    Very true!
    Having core values in place and sticking to them also maintains the integrity of the ‘voice’ of your company.Of course you will lose customers if you keep changing what you are about!

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