Did you know 70% of Facebook users are mobile?


…at least some of the time. That’s the latest in our findings after reading through Facebook’s Q12013 SEC Filing. See what other surprises are on tap for marketers in our summary on the SHIFT Communications blog post.

Posted on: May 3, 2013 at 8:56 am By cpenn
3 Responses to “Did you know 70% of Facebook users are mobile?”


  • Smart Phone technology has totally changed the market on its head. Good to know that 70% of facebook users are using their mobile for it. Technology has made it simple, better and of course very Portable.

  • Alan Smith says:

    By the increasing amount of usage we can say that very soon Smartphones will take over the computers! Nice information with real data… thanks for sharing.

    • Marisa Cuellar says:

      I always check Facebook when I’m out and about, sometimes when I’m even sitting at a red light (I know that’s horrible). It’s a tool I use more often than I should to keep up with friends and family as well as companies that I ‘like’. I think it’s extremely important to create catchy content, even more now, just so when you’re bored and you decide to whip out Facebook on your phone you can catch someones attention right away.

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