What I see in Publicis Omnicom

swallowed by a large fish

A few people have asked my opinion on the big Publicis Ominicom merger news from this past weekend. There has been plenty of reaction, and a lot of smart thinking about the deal has been published in outlets ranging from Richard Edelman’s blog to PRWEEK to the Economist. My reaction is that of a small business owner who vies with these giants.

I can’t help but see choppiness in the waters ahead, from client conflicts to employee churn to PR playing second fiddle for many brands under the merged company’s umbrella.

Read the full exploration of these rough waters in my post on the SHIFT Communications blog »

Posted on: July 31, 2013 at 7:28 am By cpenn
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  • Jamie says:

    Even over a month later, I like how the news of this merger is still being seen. I know this post is from July 31 but I have seen other posts about it still around. Public relations is a business that doesn’t let things go away easily.

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