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As any blogger will tell you: this is an act of love (and sweat).  In the process of 6 years of blogging, there are a number of posts that continue to have meaning for me, and which I think you’ll enjoy, too (even if they were written quite a while ago).  In essence this is my personal BEST-OF for PR-Squared.

Social Media in Corporations: Pros & Cons of Organizational Models
The three distinct approaches to incorporating Social Media into the enterprise.

Social Media Abhors a Vacuum – What can go wrong if a large company takes too long to establish guard rails on their Social Media approach.

Trail of Breadcrumbs – A quick take on the evolution of the PR profession.

Slippery Slopes – This is a post I plan to return to every few months to see if the ethical dilemma in question — e.g. massive PR firms manipulating social seeding approaches — has risen to (troubling) prominence.

Bad Apples in PR – “The reason that PR agencies must continually defend their value is because there are a lot of shitty PR people.”

Social Media Marketing: No Guarantees – An important post about the challenges re: Earned, Paid, and Owned Media, based on Forrester Research studies.

The Awareness Scale: How Social Media, PR & Advertising Now Work Together – Social Media has muddled corporate marketers’ preconceptions about “who does what.” My attempt to help explain…

Social Media on Main Street – Long after writing this post, I am still troubled by the questions it raised!

The Future of Marketing – “In the future, the Web you know will be based on the Web that knows you.” If so, what are the ramifications for marketing??

The True & Remarkable Fate of Public Relations – What happens to PR when consumers come to expect that their online comments will be monitored and responded to in real-time?

Get Into Twitter or Get Outta Public Relations?
The title says it all: why PR pros MUST get into Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools.

Got Some Personal Branding I Can Borrow? and, Will Personal Branding Change the Game? and, Your Personal Brand is Crap! – “Personal branding” is going to be an ongoing issue as Gen-Y and Gen-M rise through the ranks. How should agencies deal with these prickly issues?

“Participation is Marketing” – A seminal post that helped set the stage for everything else I talk about at PR-Squared. It’s not even that long, so go have a look!

SWOT Analysis of the PR Industry – The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats face by PR in the age of Social Media.

“Love Affairs (Blogger Relations) vs. Relationships of Convenience (Media Relations)” – I return to this post time & again to explain the massive scalability challenge faced by PR agencies and Social Media Marketers.

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