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From the PR-Squared files, my suggested reading for PR 2.0 tactics:

Social Media Marketing Ethical Dilemmas
From this post you can access 6 popular case studies re: Ethical Challenges in Social Media Marketing.

Social Media in Corporations: Pros & Cons of Organizational Models
The three distinct approaches to incorporating Social Media into the enterprise.

Titles, Tags & Tweets: the Role of Search in Social Media Marketing
Some common-sense tips on keeping SEO in mind as you create & distribute content online.

Social Media & Public Relations: Case Study – Book of Odds
In the tell-all age of Social Media, how do help a start-up emerge from stealth mode?

Social Media & Public Relations: Case Study –
We’re often asked, “Are you a PR agency or a Social Media agency?” That’s immaterial. The disciplines are merging.

10 Tips for Social Media Marketers
H&R Block’s vp of marketing shares crucial tips for corporate marketers, on getting things going in Social Media. This post won BEST OF 2009 kudos from Techipedia.

Wikipedia for Marketing
Some basic info about Wikipedia for marketing professionals. Send it to your CEO when they insist on their own entry!

Content Marketing: Think MULTI Media
Once you understand your buyers’ knowledge needs, you can tailor content for each stage of the purchase process, in the best format to match the buyer’s learning style.

Radical Suggestion for Social Media Releases
Before you ask about the how-to’s of a SMR, read this post. Synopsis: use traditional wires for traditional content but re-purpose the news for your online newsroom powered by blogging software.

Empower & Inspire with Content Marketing
Creating a “content engine” offers ongoing opportunities for attention and dialogue, plus, the constantly-updated stream aids in SEO.

Blogger Relations Case Studies: Mommybloggers
The mommybloggers cannot be ignored – nor can they be abused. Here’s a case study on how we handled our outreach to this important constituency for a client.

Social Media Engagement Turns Lemons into Lemonade
When some tool asks you “why we should listen?” to the bloggers, turn to this post.

Social Media Tactics Series: PR & “Edgework” Via Facebook
How can PR pros participate and add-value to Facebook groups on behalf of clients?

Social Media Tactics Series: Reaching the Spectators
The vast majority of Web users are NOT active in Social Networks… how do you reach them online?

Social Media Tactics Series: Untangling Claims About Wire Services & Social Media
Good luck talking to the wire services about how they handle Social Media Releases. It gets confusing! Here, we try to make sense of it all.

Social Media Tactics Series: Making an Entrance in Social Media
“All this Social Media stuff sounds exciting! But how do we get started?” Start here.

Open Letter to CEO Bloggers
One of the more popular posts: advice for would-be executive bloggers about how & why to blog (or not)!

Social Media Tactics Series … Blogger Relations
Simple-to-follow advice on how-to reach out to bloggers – the post includes a handy PDF to print out for easy reference.

Social Media Tactics Series: From Social Media Release to Twitter to Blogs to Boston Globe…
Need a case study on Social Media’s effectiveness for PR? Try this on for size.

Social Media Tactics Series … Using Twitter To Create & Inform Communities
Yes, Virginia, you can use Twitter as a marketing vehicle… as soon as you stop thinking about using Twitter as a marketing vehicle. Read on.

Social Media Tactics Series … Edgework With Social Bookmarking
For a true jedi: how to use services like to identify and interact with users and influencers.

Social Media Tactics Series … Using for Thought Leadership
This post explains a great way to put your company’s personal spin on industry news.

Blogger Relations: Good Intentions, Bad Execution, Lessons Learned
Be careful: you might not know about your colleague’s activities in Social Media. Even when YOU are doing everything right, doesn’t mean everyone else will.

“Participation is Marketing”
If you read nothing else, read this important entry on how you need to think about the new era of marketing.

Social Media Roller-coaster
A Social Media Case Study from Kami Watson Huyse.

“Edge-In” Marketing
Mini case studies about Social Media Marketing.

Top 5 Principles of the Social Media News Release
What’s so great about a Social Media Release? How does it change things?

Social Media Optimization: Search Will Lead to Sociability
Rohit Bhargava’s Big Idea.

The Social Media Newsroom Template Debuts – Download a Copy Today!
Frankly, this is more important than a Social Media Release, if you believe in the core principles of Social Media. A template for turning your online newsroom into a place where you aggregate content and conversations.

The “Social Media Press Release” Debuts – Download the Template Today!
I daresay this was a seminal post. Launched a revolution. Kinda.

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