Throughout my time as a blogger, I’ve published numerous Social Media resources – all of which are offered free of charge, without copyright restrictions (though a tip o’ the hat is always appreciated).

Many of these resources have been ground-breaking (Social Media Release, Social Media Newsroom).

Some simply qualify as “Super Helpful” (Blogger Relations Bookmark, Corporate Social Media Guidelines, BRINK e-book, Guide to SEO-Friendly Press Releases).

Some have been too complicated to catch on, or turned out to be thorough duds (Blog Badges, ClickableNow).

All of ‘em are collected here, all of ‘em reflect an earnest desire to help, all of ‘em are just a sample of the smart thinking at  SHIFT Communications. Note that MOST of the links below open PDF files.

The Social Media Release (SMR) template, ver 1.0.

The Social Media Release template, ver 1.5.

The Social Media Newsroom template.

Comparison of Wire Services’ SMR Capabilities.

The Blogger Relations Bookmark.

The Top 10 Corporate Guidelines for Social Media.

Guide to SEO-Friendly Press Releases.

The PR 2.0 Social Media Essentials Guide.

The Blogger Badges.

The BRINK e-book on Social Media Marketing.


Show some social media love would ya?

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