Super-Secret Careers Page for SHIFT Communications

Hi there! Welcome to the Super Secret Careers Page for SHIFT Communications.  If you found this page in error, you should stick around anyway, and have some fun.

Chances are that if you’re here, you were targeted from amongst a narrow band of superstars.  Maybe someone from SHIFT tweeted at you; maybe you saw a Facebook Ad that promised you a unicorn ride.  No matter how it happened, rest assured that you’re a rare breed, in our eyes.

And we figure, if you’re a superstar, why would we send you to the same Careers Page that any moke could find??

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

What shall we talk about?

Let’s talk about you.

Here’s the type of person we think you might be:

  • Dedicated – as in “Dude, this sh– is getting done.”
  • Connected – to everyone that counts, and to a bunch of people who “just seem cool” to you, too.
  • Honorable – the “I don’t care if I’m under orders, I don’t shoot at civilians, General Ghaddafy” kind of honorable.
  • Creative – phrases such as, “this’ll knock ‘em right on their asses/make them weep/blow the doors down” are not unknown to you.
  • Smart – duh.
  • Positive – you’re the silver lining, baby.
  • Ballsy – you know you can’t bring the heat without bringin’ the noize; you tell it like it is.

Are we on the right track, here? Yes? Awesomesauce.  But, maybe you’re “ready to chat, but not ready to make a move?

That’s fine. Let’s just talk.  Send a link to your LinkedIn profile to our HR director, Lori Jepsen and let her know how you can be reached.  Chat for 5 minutes.  If that goes well, we can think about next steps.

This won’t be a waste of your time.  We are hiring in ALL OFFICES. Whether you’re a VP or entry-level, if you were invited to this page, there’s likely a spot for you here.

We’re working with some very cool clients, by the way.  With names like Bing, StumbleUpon, AOL,, SolidWorks, Jim Beam, Logitech, and many more (including tons of cool start-ups!) on the roster, you can rest assured you’ll be beefing up your resume with some client names worthy of dropping in front of Aunt Sylvie next Thanksgiving!  (Aunt Sylvie will be impressed by the names, but she’ll still ask, “Oh, really dear? So you’re doing advertising for them?” Sigh. Some battles can’t be won.)

Before ya go, take a look at a few quick-and-dirty videos we put together to show off some of our crew taking a turn at describing the Core Values of SHIFT, below:

Ballsy (with props!)

Creative (skip to the 1:05 mark – promise it’ll be worth it!)

Positive (“why be grumpy?”)

Smart (don’t trust the screen-cap!)

Dedicated (to clients, to team, to sanity)

Connected (it takes more than a monitor or a smartphone…)

Honorable (cuz Mom said so)

If you recognize a little bit of yourself in these people, yup, you’re OUR kind of people.  And if you’re our kind of people, you are ready to do the best work of your life.

Don’t you want to do the best work of your life alongside the coolest people?

Show some social media love would ya?

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